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Purpose of providing loans
Purpose of providing loans

• To boost the capital of the bank
• To help the society in different economic activities
• To increase the welfare of the business unities by increasing their capacity
• To provide initial capital to clients to finance different projects.

Types of loans provided
Types of loans provided

• Term loan
• Overdraft
• Bridge finance
• Mortgage loan
• Discounting of negotiable instruments
• Personal loans
• Stara Loan


It is a long-term loan which is repaid back in a long period of time. The purpose of this loan is to boost the equity of businesses and finance ongoing projects. The maturity period is within two years to five years (it can be extended according to the projects)

Eligible businesses
Eligible businesses

• Construction projects
• Tourism companies
• Transportation
• Agriculture oriented businesses
• Mining companies
• Manufacturing and processing industries
• Fishing industries

Requirements for commercial loans
Requirements for commercial loans

• Should be a PBZ customer for at least six months
• A customer should provide:
- Business license
- Certified copy of TIN - Tax clearance
- A customer should have physical business location.
- One passport size photo of director/directors
- Certified copy of passport
- Certified copy of residency permit or working permits for foreigners.
• Audited financial statements for a period not less than two years
• Cash flow projections
• Title deed of the collateral
• Other information depending on the nature of the business.