WORLDREMIT is the cheapest, fastest and safety way of sending money home for Tanzanian Diaspora. This remittance services allows Tanzanian living abroad such European countries, Canada, U.S.A and Middle East to send money back home to their relatives, friends and even business partners via The Peoples Bank of Zanzibar Ltd.

Features and Benefits of using World Remit Send money home Tanzania from anywhere around the world for just two minutes Immediate SMS notification upon the receipt of the money No agent needed, you just need to be connected to internet Go to www.worldremit.com

Reciving money via Worldremit

1. Over the counter at your nearest PBZ Branch
2. Via Mobile Phones and collect to Telecommunication Companies outlets such as TIGO Pesa, Airtel Money, EZY Pesa and MPESA


Tanzanians can also deposit their money direct to their accounts at the People’s Bank of Zanzibar Ltd via World remit money Transfer services.

Tanzanians living abroad can now open account at the People’s Bank of Zanzibar Ltd both local and foreign currencies. They can open saving, current account and fixed deposit.

World remit will enable you to deposit money to your account at the People’s Bank of Zanzibar Ltd. Send money to Tanzania – Zanzibar (UNGUJA, PEMBA) and Dar es Salaam Received money from our special counter teller Go with your SMS of the money received with your ID