An overdraft is a credit facility loaded to the customer’s current account. This means that you have the convenience of borrowing on the same account that is used for your daily banking transactions. This type of credit facility is provided when the account of the customer reaches zero. An overdraft allows the individual to continue withdrawing money even if the account has no funds in it. Basically the bank allows client to borrow amount of money. The maturity period is one year. It should be noted that overdraft is not provided to businesses which are new. Moreover, in overdraft the PBZ look at current assets, liabilities and equity of the business


• He/ She should be a PBZ customer for at least six months
• A customer should provide:
- Business license
- TIN certificate
- Physical business location
- One recent passport size photos
- Certified copy of passport
- Certified copy of residency permit
• Audited financial statements for a period not less than two years
• Cash flow projections
• Title deed of fixed security
• Other information depending on the nature of the business.

Additional requirements for limited liability company and partnership enterprises
For Limited Liability Company

• A customer should provide board resolutions
• CVs of directors
• IDs of directors
• Memorandum and Articles of associations
• Certified copy of Certificate of incorporation

For partnership enterprises
For partnership enterprises

• Partnership deed
• CVs of managing directors
• IDs of directors
• Certified copy of Certificate of registration


• Helps the business to finance short-term obligations
• An overdraft provides you with cash for unplanned expenses
• An overdraft will provide you with the comfort of knowing that you have instant access to extra cash for emergencies
• You can use as much of your agreed overdraft limit as you need whenever you need it. The total limit is always available to you for use.