USD Buy: 2330.000 Sell: 2372.000 USD 5,10 & 20 Buy: 2200.000 Sell: 2372.000 USD 1 Buy: 2000.000 Sell: 2372.000 GBP Buy: 2820.000 Sell: 2949.000 GBP/USD Buy: 1.204 Sell: 1.260 EUR Buy: 2475.000 Sell: 2591.000 EUR/USD Buy: 1.057 Sell: 1.106 UGA Buy: 0.450 Sell: 0.790 KSH Buy: 16.500 Sell: 23.500 ZAR Buy: 100.000 Sell: 150.000 OMR Buy: 5980.000 Sell: 6120.000 AED Buy: 610.000 Sell: 655.000 SAR Buy: 560.000 Sell: 650.000

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PBZ’s branch network covers the Islands of Zanzibar, Dar Es Salaam and Mtwara, The bank has sixteen (16) branches and seven (7) service delivery centers. Out of sixteen branches, seven (7) branches offering Islamic Banking services located at Mwanakwerekwe, Mpirani, Chakechake and Wete for Zanzibar, and Lumumba, Tazara and Mtwara for Tanzania Mainland. Other nine (9) branches are offering traditional (conventional) banking services.

These branches are Forodhani, Malindi, Mlandege, Mwanakwerekwe, Chakechake and Wete for Zanzibar. Whereas in Tanzania Mainland are Kariakoo, Tazara and Mtwara. Services delivery centers for conventional banking are Malindi, Mazizini, Kiwengwa and Mkoani for Zanzibar. For Mainland is Kigamboni. Service delivery centers for Islamic Banking in Zanzibar are Corporate Islamic Service Center Malindi and Malindi Islamic Service Center Funguni whilst in Mainland is Tandika.