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PBZ Bank Services


VISA ATM Card that can allow you to transact online.

PBZ Mobile Banking / APP

Bank With Us 24.7.365 | Dial *150*40# for PBZ Mobile

Internet Banking

Free Connection to Internet Banking.



The People’s Bank of Zanzibar Limited (PBZ) was established on 30th June 1966 in accordance with the Zanzibar companies Decree (Cap 153). PBZ is 100% owned by the Government of Zanzibar. The primary function of the Bank is to carry on the business of commercial banking in all its branches and Departments.
PBZ has a branch and service centres network of twenty-eight branches in Zanzibar and Tanzania Mainland as at June 2022. Eight out of those branches provide Islamic Banking products. The bank provides services to both corporate and retail customers.
PBZ is offering various products and services to customers such as current accounts, time deposits account and saving. The available deposit accounts are denominated into Tanzania shillings and major foreign currencies. Again it offers commercial loans in the form of overdrafts, terms loan and personal loans.


PBZ is well known for its expertise in import and export trade dealings through establishment of letter of credits and bills for collection. Other facilities are bid bonds, performance bonds, guarantees etc.

The plan of the Bank is to enhance its services and extend her branches to as many regions as possible in the country. The Bank also plan to open service centres in various areas out of town to make its services easily reachable by those people living out of the cities where the Bank branches are not available.

The Bank has got a number of ATM than any other bank in Zanzibar. The PBZ ATMs are connected to UMOJA SWITCH and VISA Network where you can access the ATM services wherever you are in Tanzania and beyond through this network.



Easy Payment

A person who is an exclusive Business owner of the business can make easy payment through the bank by using cheque book, as well as receive payments from his/her customers.

Furaha Account

This is a saving account which allows all Government and Private employees to collect their monthly salaries though the bank timely.

Cheque Collection

PBZ clearance of cheques is not limited to Zanzibar municipality or Tanzania clearing houses.

Student's Account

PBZ Student account is savings account customised for students along the market segment.